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Lipt The Label

The history: Often copied, but never equaled. Lipt The Label is the original streetwear brand known for their iconic cut-out unitards and various buckled styles.

Why we love them: Whether you’re an internet influencer or a festival fashionista, Lipt The Label has you covered for unique and badazz streetwear that goes beyond the definition of personal style.

One phrase: Slay the style game.

Where To Wear It: At music festivals, raves, takin’ selfies, having a photoshoot, walkin’ da city streetz, when you’re feelin’ like a baddie.

What U'll Find: Lipt The Label buckle unitards, Lipt The Label moto pants, Lipt The Label cami tops, Lipt The Label mini skirts, Lipt The Label cut-out shorts, Lipt The Label buckle bags.