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Lira Clothing

The history: Rooting in Southern California, LIRA clothing wanted to expand what action sports had to offer when it came to apparel by fusing it with creative culture. A lifestyle brand out to inspire creativity to our dolls, this creative society influences da talents of all kinds of dreamers, athletes, artists, musicians, photographers, etc. Combining California chic with a creative twist, this clothing line will highlight yer artistry thru yer threadz and elevate yer lifestyle.

Why we love them: Cuz we know that looks can kill, and combine that with yer talent, the world’s in trouble. Teaming yew up with a squad full of sik creatives, this brand will have ya finding yer own voice n expressing yerself. Plus, we luv the girly stylez while mixing it up with surf, skate, and street culture, giving a feminine touch to yer badazz side.

One phrase: Collectively Created, Individually Expressed

Known For: LIRA clothing tops, LIRA clothing bottoms, LIRA clothing collaborations
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