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Lottie London

The history: What first started off as a small collection of brushes, has now blossomed into a full-fledged beauty movement known for glittery, fun looks and bold festival glamour. UK-based Lottie London has been trending since their beginnings in 2014 and has become a staple for beauty bloggers and makeup gurus everywhere.

Why we love them: From glittery eyeshadow palettes to super cute stamp liners, Lottie London has every doll covered for a wide range of beauty looks!

One phrase: #SuperChargedBeauty

Where To Wear It: When you’re beauty blogging, takin’ selfies, gettin’ rave ready, at the festival, giving your night out look some glam, and when you just wanna show off!

What U'll Find: Lottie London stamp liner, Lottie London biodegradable glitter, Lottie London eyeshadow palettes, Lottie London face jewels, Lottie London lip gloss, Lottie London temporary tattoos, Lottie London nail polish.
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