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Love Khaos

The history: Lauryn Strobel is here to make suuuure u look ready for tha rave in these extravagant pieces of festival fashion clothing and sets. Burning man looks would never be the same without their harnesses, tops and skirts that are covered in everything from feathers, fringe and sequins cuz u always gotta bring it to tha next level, babe!

Why we love them: Kandi n’ tha babesquad r always down for these killer festival sets that serve up some fits that r outta this world!

One phrase: Catch u on tha mainstage, bb!

Known For: Rave Sets, Rave Outfits, Festival Fashion, Fringe Sets, EDM Clothing, Leather Harnesses, Feather Accessories, Costume Sets, Mix N’ Match Pieces, Co-Ord Sets, Booty Shorts, Wing Harnesses, Festival Costumes
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