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The history: LovelyScum was started by one girl, with one goal: to keep herself from working a 9-5 in a cramped cubicle, by making and selling floral crowns online. Suddenly, an inspiration to create more came over her, and she expanded to making bondage accessories and lingerie after growing an interest for her own wardrobe. Now, these past-time creations have become a full time endeavor, which continues to expand and grow everyday.

Why we love them:LovelyScum is all about clean, and dirty fun. Inspired by a combination of runway fashion, bondage, and 90’s club kids; ya can see why we love this line of quirky, dirty, and dangerous duds. Throw in a lil’ hand made DIY love by a girl with a goal who doesn’t want to fit in, and everyone leaves happy!

One phrase: I Love You on Both Knees
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