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Luv AJ

The history: Luv AJ has got all of the accessories we can’t live without. Amanda Thomas started this line in 2005 when she was 16. Seriously, 16. Amanda learned from the best in the fashion industry. Oh yeah, this girl can network.
These accessories pack a punch with all their toughness, but they’re still rough ‘n tumble with all of the badass details.

Why we love 'em:Luv AJ is all about the chains and spikes. Who isn’t? It was like Luv at first sight. This brand creates everything from body chains to armbands. We found this Luv AJ and couldn’t stay away.
Seriously, we’re addicted, and hate to break it to ya, homeslice, but you’ll turn into an addict too.

This brand in one word: punch

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