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The history: Looking around to see no dope female streetwear n street fashion brands are really existing like in tha 90s, Erin Magee took it upon herself to create something that really goes against tha grain. MadeMe r clothes fer babes who gravitate towards a new level of pus$y power, da skate scene, punk culture, and anti-establishment attitudes. Super cool and ultra sik, MadeMe is all about pushing against tha society and being super successful @ it with their limited and specially designed pieces that R badazz AF no matter if covered in pastel colors, florals, schoolgirl behavioral, or utilitarian silhouettes.

Why we love them: As a Director of Production of Supreme, Erin fukkin’ knows her shit when it comes to street fashion and what we cult followers want fer females. We luv the perfect balance between cute and tuff, never allowing us to be dictated by what we wear but the attitude we give to tha clothes.

One phrase: Out the mud, that's that shit that made me

Known For: MadeMe clothing, MadeMe street fashion, MadeMe jackets, MadeMe jumpsuits, MadeMe Rihanna’s SLUTZ tee, MadeMe x Petra Collins

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