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Magical Wonderland

The history:cuz you can make ur wildest fantasiez some to life through these festival sets bb! Magical Wonderland givez u all tha goodiez you need to be tha most magical fairy pixie queen at tha rave, everyone’s definitely gonna be doin’ a double take at u wearing these sequin covered shorts, tops and sets.

Why we love them:Catch Kandi dancing her azz off on tha mainstage in these sparkly sets!

One phrase: M0d3Rn SP4rKl3 Kw33N!~

Known For: Overalls, Sequin Sets, Burning Man Outfits, Bondage Sets, Pastel Tops, Rave Bodysuits, Rave Costumes, Sequin Shorts, Cut Out Skirts, Cut Out Tops, Tulle Skirts, Crystal Masks, Bejeweled Masks, Sequin Pants, Belted Pants
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