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Majesty Black

The history: MAJESTY BLACK knows dat it’s all about who’s in yer #GANG, bb. For this fashion accessories brand based in Southwest Asia became a design powerhouse as a result of amazing friends putting their efforts together in creating the freshest line that’s fit fer all da queen b’s out there. With a range of luxe leather pieces like gloves, hats, and more, this brand knows that even the realest bosses have a dark side to them.

Why we love them: Not yer average crown or accouterments, each fancy piece is meticulously hand made and detailed fer each babe. With its rebelliously chic twist in each design, we luv how the baddest bitch doesn’t have to be uptight but can rule while going against the grain.

One phrase: I’m A Boss A$$ Bitch

Known For: MAJESTY BLACK Leather Pieces, MAJESTY BLACK Hats, MAJESTY BLACK Gloves, MAJESTY BLACK Handmade Accessories, MAJESTY BLACK Fashion Accessories, MAJESTY BLACK Erykah Badu Gloves
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