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Marina Fini

The history:Marina Fini, doesn't just create celestial jewelry, she is also a photographer, filmmaker and costumer designer. She incorporates all her interests and talents into her work that hold personal philosophies and social commentaries. Influenced by the philosophies and aesthetics of other cultures and belief systems, she forges each piece with a mystic yet modern feel. As a result, all her pieces leave us trippin, and have been spotted on celebs, and used by stylists and designers all over da world. She is the original, and da numba one queen, when it comes to her signature psychedelic laser cut jewelry.

Why we love 'em: Her designs are literally outta this world and each piece is handmade with love. From her colorful laser cut, acrylic pieces to her glittery, mystic crystal pieces, every piece is unique and one of a kind, definitely an attention grabber. All ya gotta do is let her pieces speak for themselves.

One phrase: Handmade Galactic Warrior Princess Jewelry.

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