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Married to the Mob

The history: Married to the Mob was created back in 2004 by Leah McSweeney with the idea of creating street-inspired clothing that draws influence from menswear while catering their products solely to females. After she began making samples and working on designs, McSweeney called upon her posse of lady pals for support in helping the brands development which ultimately contributed to the creation of their "MOB". With seven years under their belt, this company has expanded beyond making t-shirts with several international collaborations added to their repertoire making MTTM a complete lifestyle brand that is continuously growing with the times.

Why we love them: MTTM gives a unique voice and edginess to women who know how to hold their own but still want to give off ladylike appeal. They focus their designs around an individualistic frame of mind by bringing dope cultural aspects to a society based around female perspective.

One phrase: Dope duds for the female frame-of-mind

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