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Medusa's Makeup

The history: Medusa’s makeup started in a tiny boutique in Los Angeles, by a match made in beauty heaven. The happily married couple then moved to Chicago, and opened a second store, where they developed a new line of eye dusts, lipsticks, and bright pigments for yer face, and bod. In 2006 the couple launched their full line a Pool in Vegas, and it instantly took off. Their 100% all natural cruelty free makeup can be seen on the faces of celebs, and and beauty babes around the world

Why we love them:Medusa's Makeup strives to make the world a more colorful place, and they achieve that with a cruelty-free line of bright and bold products, including eyeshadows, body shimmers, lipsticks, blush, and more. Medusa's artful inspiration sets them apart in the cosmetics industry and their edgy, often theatrical makeup is proof.

One phrase: Make the world a more colorful place

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