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Minimale Animale

The history: Cassandra Kellogg, a designer and stylist, wanted to create a barely there and sexy line of swimwear for young-at-heart women who aren't afraid of wearing something striking. She launched Minimale Animale, this wild and cheeky new swim line for the girly tomboy in all of us. Her creations have been featured twice in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

Why we love them: From mesh tops and low rise bottoms to the wild graphic prints these swimsuits command attention. It’s like Cassandra has already thought of every sweet and cheeky lil’ detail, we just can’t stop thinking about Minimale Animale.

One phrase: Swimwear that isn’t just for swimming!

Known For: Minimale Animale bikini, Minimale Animale one piece, Minimale Animale Golden Triangle

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