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The history: Born in Brooklyn in 2003, МИШКА (Mishka) was raised in hell by Mikhail Bortnik and Greg Rivera. Inspired by DIY ethics, this brand is deeply rooted on hip hop, street art, and punk culture during the 80s. What once revolved around dope graphic tees and patches, transformed into a lifestyle then to a culture -- creating a distinct world for itself and its army of Death Adders. With its sik graphics and references, this badazz brand has us keepin' an eye on them.

Why we love them: Truly with the misfits mentality, Mishka is about fukkin’ shit up and celebratin’ the strangeness of the world and pushing the measures of what’s unusually cool. Perf for our Darby dolls, we can fukk with Mishka’s rebellious and individualistic attitude of destroyin’ everything boring.

One phrase: Rejectin’ normalcy one look at a time.

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