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Monster Shoes

The history: Born from a rebel attitude, Monster was created fer HBIC babes and badazzes alike to match the DGAF lifestyle. Step into dese shooz, where there’s no sex, no limits, or rules to these avant-garde styles. Seamlessly fusing high fashun and organic creativity from its spikes, elevated platforms, and xxxtreme detailing to be the baddest, these specially designed and Philippine made shoes is the monster we’d want in our closets.

Why we love them: Made fer the misfits and mislegits, these sik shoes scream dat you don’t give a fukk while effing up the style and shoe game! You’ll have yer followers and fans asking “what are thooooose?”

One phrase: Walk a mile in my shooz.

Known For: Monster footwear, Monster customizable shoes, Monster shoes, Monster platforms

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