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Moxi Roller Skates

The history: Roller derby babe Michelle Steilen, aka Estro Jen, started Moxi Roller Skates cuz she always felt her best steez when on the wheels and wanted to take her luv for roller skating to the masses. Established in 2008, this brand of super pretty and best quality roller skates is influenced by the 70s roller rink craze, bringing you wavy colors and a professional design so you can roll bounce through the streets or on a half pipe.

Why we love them: Traditionally skates were black for boys and white for girls, YAWN. Moxi Roller Skates have supa fun bright colors and wheels to choose from, they even come in leopard print (swoon!)!

One phrase: Roll Bounce!

Known For: Moxi Roller Skates roller derby skates, Moxi Roller Skates fun roller skates, Moxi Roller Skates professional roller skates
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