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My Bubblegum Fantasy

The history: My Bubblegum Fantasy was started by Selina who was inspired by Hilary Duff when she was a little babe. She got really into fashion design and started experimenting with graphic design n became an internet sensation getting requests left n right. With a line of BIC lighter cases and phone cases with her original artwork on them, she continues to kill it on the internet while expanding her dreams, craft, and fun accessories that we’re obsessed about.

Why we love them: Cuz what’s better than sharing a joint or bumming a ciggy then lighting it up with these super cute BIC lighter cases with quirky designs and sayings?! We’d be lit with you and your lifestyle any day, babe.

One phrase: Lit For The Lifestyle

Known For: My Bubblegum Fantasy BIC lighter cases, My Bubblegum Fantasy phone cases, My Bubblegum Fantasy accessories
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