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Nail Pop

The history: Since becoming a nail specialist in 2007, Erin Hart has been upgrading yer nail game one manicure at a time. Erin proceeded to launch Nail Pop LLC from the Sunshine State in 2012 and has been nailing her releases of nail decals, nails accessories, and commissioned work ever since. Infamous fer her “circuit board” nails, Erin has leveled up her nail art into super sikk and kitsch illustrations on decals.

Why We Love Them: Nail Pop LLC creates nail accessories that are super easy to use and puts DIY nails to another level. No more excuses not have the cutest and sikkest nails ever, BB. Especially with the recent Dolls Kill collab, which yer able to channel in yer favorite Doll with a flick of a finger.

One phrase: One phrase: Nails done, everything did.

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