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Neon Blonde

The history: Neon Blonde is an international australian brand know for their bold street style since hitting the market in 2007. Creating rebellious pieces from denim jeans to bold faux fur coats, while still keeping quality in mind. Denim and fabrications are sourced globally with a special attention on style and detailed pieces. Made for free spirits who love to push boundaries and take pride in their street style.

Why we love them: Neon Blonde has the perfect tough feminine edge for any doll! Their rock n roll aesthetic is made universal when combined with a chic upmarket aesthetic to have ya feeling confident in your street style babe.

One phrase: Inspired by life, worn by lovers.

Where To Wear It: out on the town, adventurin, catchin flights not feelings, partiezzz, fun day brunch day

What U'll Find: Neon Blonde tie up jeans, Neon Blonde babe overalls, Neon Blonde chaser skirt, Neon Blonde blondie jeans, Neon Blonde lover eyelet denim shorts
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