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The history:Nightwalker was birthed with the concept of creating the ultimate super-heroine. Inspired by the lack of femme representation in comics, television, and movies, creative director Melissa Trovato Powell swore to create an impactful female figure that knows how to tear shit up! Yer fantasies in clothing form, Nightwalker’s aim is to bring out the kick-azz badazz in you by overthrowing the serious fashionista to a more hella cool and collected suit. Playing with textures, and balancing tomboy chic with femininity, this brand brings a catalog of unique garments and accessories that engages the heroine personality with part villain touch.

Why we love them: Embracing girl power to the maxxx, Nightwalker shows us that us baddies are just az good, if not, better than men. And with their clothing and accessories having a hint of androgyny but a lot of sexxxy, yer ready to throw down and be the HBIC.

One phrase: Part superhero, part villain. 100% dressed to kill.

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