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One Teaspoon

The history: All the way from Sydney Australia, One Teaspoon was created by Jamie Blakely. It's true that she sewed the first collection in her bedroom.
One Teaspoon has come a loooong way. It's been making the blogging rounds with gals like Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast.
Over ten years later, and One Teaspoon is still dishing out the goods.

Why we love 'em: Shorts. Shorts. Shorts. Need we say more? We are totally in love with One Teaspoon's amazing shorts that come in a gazillion cuts and washes.
Don't forget the dresses, muscle tees and bottoms in super beachy, grungy and minimalistic styles.

This brand in one word: Beach-babe

Known For: One Teaspoon Jeans, One Teaspoon bonitas, One Teaspoon swimwear, One Teaspoon shorts

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