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Penny Skateboards

The history: Cuz nobody knows how to groove better than Penny Skateboards! Created in the 1970s, Penny is unlike any other skateboard you’ve ever ridden on with its durable n’ moulded, plastic injection boards that can take ya cruisin’ down Venice Beach or rip the hills in Haight. With a fun size that yew can carry in yer hands or place in a bag, these range of 22” and 27” skateboards are alwayz ready fer on the go fun wid yew, doll.

Why we love them: Perfect to carry or ride, these super cool designed boards will get ya to point A to B in the dopest style and grace. With its fun colors and graphics, these bbz will always fit to how you feel like riding and provide low maintenance, better than yer bae!

One phrase: Find a penny pick it up...

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