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Pht Furry

The history: Growing up bloggin’ gifs, a little QT decided to drive her creative outlet by startin’ her own clothing and accessories label called PHT Furry! Focusing on handcrafted goodies, these adorable pieces are about standing out n having fun. Searching for the most unique materials to work with, all these kawaii tops, skirts, and bags are fer a cute girl with a story to tell like all our Coco dolls.

Why we love them: Made fer tha girl who luvs nostalgia and being tha leader of tha pack, we really think of Cher n Dionne and all her friends when wearing these pieces. We luv how we can be an insta queen on the interwebs and IRL with each piece.

One phrase: Yew Give Us Warm Fuzzies, Babe.

Known For: Pht Furry halter tops, Pht Furry skirts, Pht Furry chokers, Pht Furry bags, Being worn by instagram celebs like @harunabarbiegirl, @mayakibbel and @internetgirl
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