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Plugged NYC

The history: Cuz U kno who did it first bb! The true originators of all the hottest streetwear trends straight off tha runway. Based in New York City, Plugged NYC’s studio always has tha hottest street chic designs for tha girls that never wear the same thing twice. Check out their one of a kind pieces that are celeb favoritez and front page regularz.

Why we love them:Mia’s gotta be tha first one to get her handz on any n every trend bb!

One phrase: Street Chic

Known For: Independent Fashion, Indie Designer Fashion, Streetwear, Knit Jogger Sets, Ribbed Knit Skirt Sets, Distressed Knit Skirt Sets, Buckle Tops, Buckle Bodysuits, Camo Pants, Camo Clothing, Camo Jogger Sets, Camo Swimwear, Trendy Clothing, Lingerie, Club Sets, Club Dresses, Club Skirt Sets, Biker Shorts, Unitard Rompers, Camo Crop Tops, Distressed Rib Knit Crop Tops
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