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Private Arts

The history: Three is better than one. Which is exactly why the three babes of Private Arts are a force to be reckoned with. Each of these killer babes brings something else to the table but are united in the love of making each woman feel sexxxy as all get out. Each one of their pieces is a combination of hand drawings, graphic art, and photographs makin’ them beautiful pieces of art! Made right in Southern California this is the lingerie to wear when you wanna be on display.

Why we love them: You know that beauty is only skin why not make the fabric that touches yer most special skin be the prettiest? This brand makes their undies out of the sofest silkiest material that really is gonna rock yer world. Each piece of this intimate brand is treated like art down to the very last lace detail. With intricate graphics and well placed fabric this brand knows that yer a masterpiece.

One phrase: Makin’ us weak between the knees

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