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Private Party

Private Party The history: Los Angeles is home to many things...but none like Private Party. The two founders of this poppornography brand, LA natives Pat and Jessica, really have a way with words...and puttin’ them on shirts. Takin’ the inside jokes of America’s music, film, and celeb scene and puttin’ them on shirts for you to rep they are an insta cult classic. With a following by big names like Drake and the Kardashians it’s all about being up fer the popculture challenge.

Why we love them: Simple, bold, and unisexxxy. The ultimate trifecta. With each shirt coming in black or white (and bathingsuits in red) with bold writing on the front these babes are uniform and fukkin’ easy to rock pieces. Made with the best fabric that falls off all dolls perfectly we can’t help but want ‘em all. Each piece has writing right on the front lettin’ yer shirt do the talking for you. What more could we ask for?

One phrase: We’d spring fer bottle service at this Private Party

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