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The history: The idea of PyroPet came to Icelandic designer,Thorunn while studyin' at the Royal College of Art in London. She wanted to embed a skeleton into a cat candle after watching a boy melt a Santa candle into a sad pool of wax. She felt that the ritual sacrifice of melting wax was a bit macabre and wanted to create a piece that would slowly melt and reveal a surprise. After exhibiting the cat candles (called “The Devil’s Pet” back then) in Milan and at her graduation show in London, they quickly gained a lot of attention on the internet. She joined forces with Dan Koval, and they started a Kickstarter campaign to finance their company, they reached their goal in 4 days. Now, PyroPet is carried in stores and galleries worldwide.

Why we love them: Cuz we all got a lil pyromaniac in all of us. We adore the fact that these gorgeous candles melt and reveal a skeleton on the inside that you can keep forever!

One phrase: Let it BURN BB!

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