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Quay Eyeware

The history: Melbourne, Australia brand, Quay Eyewear, was founded in 2004 by Linda and Allen Hammond with the idea to spread an endless summer meets street style vibe to their customers. Born under the festival circuit, this brand gained exposure by selling their unique range of fun frames at affordable prices. Through word of mouth and a sikk range of products, Quay has grown into an international brand selling in retailers all over the world.

Why we love them: Their badazz prints and quirky frames are for the peeps with a style all their own and those who have a lax attitude when it comes to fashion. Made for the people that like to get weird and aren't afraid to stand out, Quay Eyewear wants their customers to have fun with fashion at an affordable price point.

One phrase: Summer sunniez in a carnival of colors!

Known For: Quay eyewear, Quay sunglasses, Quay sunnies
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