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Rad + Refined

The history: Started in 2011, celebrity stylist Jacqueline Nicole Rezak wanted to bring a brand that specifically is fer the modern babe who wants the best of both worlds -- staple and edge. Rad + Refined was formed from that vision, giving sik af designs that complement yer everyday basics. Infamously knows fer sunnies, these bbz are unlike anything else and will fit with yer unique personality, being the fluid liaison between what part of yew is rad and refined… duh!

Why we love them: Talk dat talk and walk that walk, bbcakes! These special, hand crafted sunnies are all exclusive n’ special in their own ways and are perfect fer our bold, wavy babes who doesn’t mind getting that Vitamin D while throwing some shade at the same time.

One phrase: Am I looking at yer face? Am I looking at yer azz? No one knows.

Known For: Rad + Refined sunglasses, Rad + Refined and Baddie Winkle, Rad + Refined customized sunglasses, Rad + Refined festival sunglasses

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