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The history: Rebel8 was created from the tattoo and graffiti art scene in San Francisco, started by Joshy D in 2003 with only $500, who was selling them out of a messenger bag. Then his best bud Mike Giant joined in 2007 as Head Artist, a titan in the graffiti and tattoo artist community who gave Josh his first drops of ink. This streetwear brand really mixes tattoo and skate culture all with original designs by Mike Giant. Rebel8’s name is a play on words when Josh had a revelation.

Why we love them: This company believes in individuality with their strong stance of “No hype, no bullshit. We make our own path and follow no one.” As a essential in the community, this brand is in our blood. They have been made with quality for the sikk wear and tear lifestyle of skaters. Rebel8 is obviously heavily influenced by music and subcultures, which also inspires us.

One phrase: Reveal the truth

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