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Riccetti Clothing

The history: Jenni Riccetti followed her in her grandfather’s footsteps, a master tailor from the south of Italy. At the young age of nine she got her first sewing machine and began designing. Her modern streetwear designs landed her a coveted spot on Season 15 of Project Runway. Every piece of Riccetti Clothing is designed and created in San Francisco with the highest quality fabrics for all the baddies out there.

Why we love them:Riccetti Clothing has all the edge of streetwear style without losing the comfort babe! Serve bad bish vibez any day in these edgy pieces that are hand-sewn with love by Jenni Riccetti.

One phrase: Streetwear clothing line, made in San Francisco!

Where To Wear It: all dayy erry dayy, netflix N’ chill, meeting yo boo, music festivals, in these streetz

What U'll Find: Riccetti Clothing cake pants, Riccetti Clothing crop top, Riccetti Clothing jogger pants, Riccetti Clothing sweatpants, Riccetti Clothing hoodie, Riccetti Clothing peek-a-boob top, Riccetti Clothing
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