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Rise of Dawn

The history:Almost ten years ago, two sisters from Melbourne started out with a dream that turned into a highly sought after fashion line that we know as Rise of Dawn. Stevie and Alana Pallister opened their first store in 2007 in Eltham, Victoria called Tiger Mist. Soon after, they created their own line, Rise of Dawn (named for their mother Dawn) which quickly gained a cult following. In 2011, Stevie became unexpectedly ill so Alana took the helm. Upon celebrating Stevie’s return to health the sisters also received news that Rise of Dawn would be stocked in MYER stores nationally, and the rest is history.

Why we love them:Rise of Dawn has a loyal cult following for its on-trend pieces which are full of sex appeal & attitude. We at Dolls Kill love any brand that’ll make you stand out in a crowd. Full of on-point statement pieces and day-to-night styling, these clothes are here to make a statement!

One phrase: For the fierce fashionista in every Doll

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