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ROC Boots

The history: Creating street footwear culture since the 90s, ROC Boots Australia are designed in Sydney with high-quality materials and a comfy fit. Constantly evolving and inspired by Australian youth, these iconic boots are all about making a statement while still being comfortable. Their variety of textures and profiles guarantee there is a pair of ROC boots for every doll out there!

These boots are festival-ready and will have ya staying comfy while chasin’ the sunset babe! Serve looks in these durable edgy styles that are approved for every doll out there.

One phrase: Join us on the journey and leave your footprint in your ROC's!

Where To Wear It: music festivals, raves, jammin’ in the desert, under the electric sky, anytime, anywhere bb!

What U'll Find: ROC Boots Australia Lash Boots, ROC Boots Australia Mascot Boots, ROC Boots Australia Invito Boots, ROC Boots Australia Pampas Boots,
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