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Sad Boy Crew

The history: Being sad used to be really frowned upon, but Sad Boy Crew is saying that it’s okay to let those tears fall cuz we are all universally connected together through the emotion of sadness. Sad Boy Crew embraces this with their streetwear-inspired brand that wants to make the sad face just as infamous as the smiley face. Their screen-printed crewneck sweatshirts and graphic t-shirts give life to the down moments because they are just as important as a good day.

Why we love them: Because we appreciate the good shit and the bad. We love how Sad Boy Crew gives light and knows it’s okay to be sad. By celebrating the bad days, you are actually appreciating more of life!

One phrase: More Life!

Known For: Sad Boy Crew crewneck sweatshirts, Sad Boy Crew graphic t-shirts
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