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The history: In 2015, Tarpley Brooks Jones started to dig within herself to explore what Buddhist awareness is through fashion. She formed her minimalist streetwear brand, Samsara, navigating the cycle of death and rebirth in the material world. Believing in her calling, she designed her first sportswear garments without any formal training and captured the eyes of people all over the world. Samsara continues to evolve into a high end, experimental aesthetic while channeling sportswear and comfort that helped translate Samsara’s vision of minimal and high quality streetwear.

Why we love them: We’re always trying to be ahead of the trends and Samsara interprets the future of fashion with avant garde sportswear silhouettes and minimal design.

One phrase: Be one with yourself.

Known For: Samsara streetwear clothing, Samsara sportswear clothing, Samsara avant garde fashion
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