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Sara M Lyons

The history: Sara M Lyons is a professional weirdo who is a product designer based in Anaheim, CA. She started Sara M Lyons to sell her dope and quirky illustrations that reference anything from Betty & Veronica comics to skateboard graphics. Channeling in our favorite internet sayings, 90s idioms, and silly memes, she gives us life with her enamel pins, patches, socks, accessories, n more.

Why we love them: We luv weirdos who embrace their own, and everything that Sara makes is everything we're missing in our lives. Witch hat pins? Crystal dick pins?! And who can resist her “best buds” pin pack that’s perf to share with your stoner BFF?!

One phrase: Whatever Forever.

Known For: Sara M Lyons enamel pins, Sara M Lyons patches, Sara M Lyons socks, Sara M Lyons accessories

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