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Save the Parade

The history: As a teenager, Michelle Alexander found her mom’s record collection and became obsessed wid its a psychedelic illustrations and its rock starz. After pursuing art, Michelle couldn’t leave her free spirited beach life and created Save The Parade, a vintage inspired swim n’ lifestyle label. This intimates and lifestyle line takes inspo by nature, 60s and 70s, and embodies the girl who luvs the ocean, and a conscious mind, creating the waviest and cutest lingerie that has more beneath its hand painted and drawn designs.

Why we love them: It me! This amazing brand stands fer all da things we’re totes fer like experimentation, sexual liberation, and rebellion. We luv that us day tripperz and beach bum hippie babes can cum together with really amazing vintage inspired pieces, freeing us to stand out away from trends.

One phrase: Set me free why don’t you baby?

Known For: Save The Parade intimates, Save The Parade bras, Save The Parade panties, Save The Parade bralette, and Save The Parade swimwear

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