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Shade London

Shade London The history: Not so long ago Matt D. Wade was getting hella tired of the hustle and bustle of the fashion scene. Realizing that everything was about “being on trend” and the “scene” he realized that while everyone was being an individual everyone was pretty much being the fukkin’ same. Lame right? That’s what he thought to and created his versatile and timeless line Shade London to bring about a line that while all very universal could be seamless in expressing oneself.

Why we love them: The line is simple. With classic silhouettes and clean lines that are perfect on any body shape it’s hard to argue that this brand is bad. The best part is that this line is designed to work with you and not you with it. For when you wanna dress the fukk up or chill the fukk down it is up to you to make the outfit and adapt the piece into yer personal style. As everyone knows we fukkin’ love bein’ individuals.

One phrase: Keep Throwin’ Shade
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