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Spectrum Collections

The history: Spectrum Collections is from the UK and the cosmetics accessories brand that we've been dreaming of! Their whimsical brush collections became a must-have for all the beauty queens because of their magical designs focused on their love of unicorns, mermaids, and holographic magic.

Why we love them: We're seriously LIVING for Spectrum Collections cosmetic brush sets cuz their more than just brushes. They feature high-quality bright colorful bristles, super sikk carrying cases with fun shapes like seashells and come in every shape and size you need to beat that face to perfection. Their PETA registered and all of their brushes have mega soft vegan bristles so you know no unicorns (or any other animal) was harmed in the making!

One phrase: Cosmetic brushes for Sea Sirens and Unicorn Princesses

Known For: Spectrum Collections Essential Brush Set, Spectrum Collections Contour Brush Set, Spectrum Collections Mermaid Brushes, Spectrum Collections Cosmetic Brushes
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