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The history: Coming all da way from London town, this unique n’ independent sunglasses brand is all about making ya sights see fashun. Obsessed with design, this sunnies brand loves to play with juxtaposition, schemin’ with opposites like boy vs. girl, Coco vs. Darby, retro vs. futuristic, and angelic vs. badass.

Why we love them: Bold n’ beautiful, these sunnies are absolutely gorgeous and designed to keep our every doll in mind. Bcuz they’re totally not basic, this eyewear brand will protect yer eyes while keeping ya look so good when yer getting dat D (vitamin!).

One phrase: Yer easy on da eyes.

Known For: Spitfire sunglasses, Spitfire sunnies, Spitfire fashion sunglasses, Spitfire eyewear