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Stardust Swim

The history: Breezie Stardust started Stardust Swim in 2011 in Los Angeles to cater to the rocker babes who incorporate their musical souls into their daily look. Taking inspiration from punk, metal, glam and grunge rock; Stardust Swim creates classic looks with a sexxy edge and bad girl vibes.

Why we love them: We're obsessed with Stardust Swim's graphic tankinis cuz they fuel our biker babe dreamz with just the right balance of drop-dead sexy and take-no-prisoners toughness!

One phrase: Poolside looks for the rockstar-inclined

Known For: Stardust Swim Bikinis, Stardust Swim High Waist Swimwear, Stardust Swim One Piece Swimwear, Stardust Swim Shorts
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