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The history: Stargazer is a UK base cosmetics company that was founded back in 1978 and has been creating makeup and hair dye with a wild in-your-face feel ever since. Stargazer pulls inspiration from the punk rock and the New Wave music scenes of the 80s, and this mega bright brand helps us live our neon dreams!

Why we love them: Stargazer cosmetics are a must-have for all our festie freaks and dance club dolls! Their UV reactive black-light lipsticks, eyeshadows, and glitter liners will have your colors poppin' and glowing all night long.

One phrase: Join the colour renaissance!

Known For: Stargazer UV Neon Eyeshadow, Stargazer UV Neon Mascara, Stargazer UV Neon Lipstick, Stargazer Andromeda Liquid Eyeliner, Stargazer Loose Glitter Eyeshadow

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