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Suzywan Deluxe

The history: One day in 2011, Suzanne and her boyfriend n’ muse, Isak, created a Swedish and French jewelry luvchild, Suzywan DELUXE. This merge of creative pop innovation fuses a French avant garde attitude with a Swedish design aesthetic. Designed and handmade in Stockholm, their jewelry is known for its mixed textures, clean forms, and immaculate craftsmanship. Inspired by OG hip hop, club kidz, and retro fashion trendz from the 80s and 90s, Suzywan DELUXE creates the preshest accessories of the future.

Why we love them: Just like yer prized and fav toyz from back of the day, you’d pour love into these individually made pieces that alwayz makes you feel like a cotton candy babe or moon princess from out of this world. We luv the retro feel with the futuristic spin, and will never mind it getting fresh with us.

One phrase: Presh is more.

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