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Tarina Tarantino

The history:The history: Founded in 1995 by Tarina Tarantino and Alfonso Campos during the height of minimalism in the fashion world, the dynamic duo chose to introduce not only bright colors and sparkles, but jewelry that hadn’t been a popular trend in fashion magazines or editorials. They introduced accessories full of items made with materials like lucite and Swarovski crystals that are extremely high quality but also incorporated the idea of fun-loving, free, and colorful aspects into their line. The outcome of this was phenomenal. Girls immediately fell in love with these pieces and their movement. Within a couple years they appeared in major tv shows and fashion magazines all over the world (i.e. Oprah, CNN, People, InStyle, etc..). Now they are based in LA and are still living the dream and creating pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Why we love them: They weren’t afraid to challenge the fashion world and created handmade high-quality pieces of jewelry that nobody had seen before. They also created a dream world for their jewelry to live in and invited the rest of the world to come in! They have a self-fulfillment attitude, and we’re all about that. Plus, they use tons of Swarovski crystals, and who doesn’t love that kind of glitz and glam in their life?

One phrase: Quirky, quality jewelry for the girly girl in you

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