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The history: Funny AF actor Blake Anderson from da TV show Workaholics and his gal pal Rachel Finley got together and let their ignorance run fer bliss with Teenage. As a huge t-shirt junkie himself, Blake considers his as a tee cannon having hunted fer sik shirts forever on eBay and stuff. Making shit when they’r bored, together, this dope t-shirt apparel company makes eye-catching graphic design shirts that’ll defeat any of yer teenage angst.

Why we love them: This shit is hilarious n’ dope! Being limited edition, we know not a lot of babes would be jockin’ our style. We’re all fer references from our childhood daze, and we’re screamin’ fer more since Blake is so hands-on in da 2-person company that he packs and ships his orders online himself.

One phrase: Fer da bored teenager.

Known For: Blake Anderson’s fashion line, Teenage graphic design t-shirts, Teenage 90s t-shirts, Teenage bored apparel

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