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The 2Bandits

The history: Back in 2008, Tamar Wider wanted to round up her heauxs in da best way and created The 2Bandits to obscessorize together in tha sikkest jewelry. Inspired by Southwestern heritage and dat Texas charm, these accessories play with earthy stones and implements cool shapes that cohesively stack together.

Why we love them: With a modern edge, we luv how we don’t need to be riding in tha dirty south to be rockkin’ these pieces. Made with luv in San Francisco, all our Willow dolls will feel at home while riding off in tha sunset in the waviest earrings, chokers, n necklaces.

One phrase: Take A Walk In The Wild Side

Known For: The 2Bandits earrings, The 2Bandits chokers, The 2Bandits necklaces, The 2Bandits earthy jewelery, The 2Bandits stacking sets, The 2Bandits bracelets

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