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The Balm

The history: In 2004, Marissa Shipman decided to flicka her wrist and cook up in her kitchen that would eventually end up being a full line of cosmetics, theBalm. Ten years later her glam line today includes skin care, hair care, and nail polish fer all dolls alike. Whether yer expressing yer inner MUA artistry or just wanting to whip up a quick look, theBalm has dope products that fit yer beauty needs.

Why we love them: We’re totes diggin’ how ez it is to apply, wid the combo of amazing formulas that not only has rich and luxurious colors, but these BBz are developed to be Paraben and Cruelty-Free. So the only bitches you’ll be hurting when yer looking dis gewd are yer haterz!

One phrase: Beauty in five minutes.

Known For: theBalm lip gloss, theBalm eyeliner, theBalm blush, theBalm paraben and cruelty-free

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