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The Cobra Snake

The history: The infamous Cobra Snake is bringing his epic sense of style to the masses with his fun, funky, and always unique line of clothing and accessories. From Los Angeles CA, the Cobra Shop is like a blast from the bast colliding with modern trends to create a perfect blend of 70s, 80s, 90s and now. Inspired by his travels around the world as a photographer, the Cobra Snake took ideas from anything and everything that struck him including groovy thrift shops, pop culture, social media and cult classics.

Why we love them: The Cobra snake has been one of our favorite people for awhile, and has done photoshoots with us in the past, and when we heard he had a clothing and accessories line, we jumped all over it. His line is a perfect blend of old and new, including a few vintage items made new again, which is always our jam!

One phrase: Stay Weird- Stay You

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