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The Crème Shop

The history: The Crème Shop began as a manufacturing plant in South Korea over 45 years ago. Inspired to bring Korean Skincare globally, founders Theresa and Lawrence Kim, opened their HQ in Los Angeles, California on September, 1988. Ever since, they’ve been crafting eclectic beauty products with an emphasis on quirky details.

Why we love them: The Creme Shop is 100% cruelty-free brand. None of our products are tested on animals — ever. We love our furry friends! Also the packaging is CUTE AF.

One phrase: Our job isn’t to make you beautiful; we simply enhance the beauty that you already possess!

Where To Wear It: At home, sleepovers, self care nights, Date Night

What U'll Find: Makeup, Skincare, Eyelashes, Tools & Accessories, Body & Spa
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