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The Trash Rack

The history: Based in Glasgow, The Trash Rack has become da pulse fer new and off da radar shit. As a cult label, this clothing brand is inspired by tha dopest in the digital Tumblr world and music, creating statement pieces that not only r bangin’ on yer body but will make ya look selfie perfect. With sik hyper-metallic and futuristic driven fabrics, deez looks will always keep ya poppin’ up in tha popular feed.

Why we love them: Totally sik, dis brand is super creative and independent bringing only da best to tha game. With their unique cutz and fabric manipulation that makes ya wanna touch, these threadz will truly bring dat sexy back with full throttle edge.

One phrase: Talk Dirty 2 Me

Known For: The Trash Rack Mini Skirts, The Trash Rack Velvet Bell Bottoms, The Trash Rack School Girl Skirts, The Trash Rack Punk Clothing
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